What are the 5 Best Features before buying Mobile Phones?

Today Mobile phones are powerful featured packed devices, also become smaller  that you can accidentally slip it Best Mobile Featuresinto your pocket or even in your bag.

Long ago, Mobile phone only used for making calls, today – manufacturers competing to launch great feature in each Mobile phones. Below are some basic lists  of cool features that available on market today.

Cameras: There are 2 types of cameras available on mobile phones, the VGA and the Digital  Camera. Camera Mobile Tech come so far that people can now make mobile filming just using there phones. Phone with cameras offer cool way snap shoot and videos. You can even transfer the videos and images to your personal computer.

Music: Music lover like me is very great advantage when picking mobile phone, with the latest mobile phones now you can listen your favorite music and radio station, most of the music formats are MP3 and wav files.
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