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Samsung Galaxy J2 (2018) full specs leaked out

Samsung plans to refresh its lineup of cheap Android devices and the first to make its debut is likely to be the Galaxy J2 (2018). Even though it’s not clear yet when exactly the entry-level handset will be launched.

Thanks to the someone over at, we’ve learned Samsung’s cheap handset will be available for purchase in Europe for only €115. A decent price considering the smartphone comes with a 5-inch Super AMOLED display with QHD (540 x 960 pixels) resolution.

Additionally, Samsung included a 1.4GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor, paired with 1.5GB RAM and 16GB expandable storage. The Galaxy J2 (2018) comes with dual-SIM support and LTE Cat.4.

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Wileyfox releases advert-based smartphone discount initiative

Wileyfox has released Add-X, an initiative where valued-customers can be purchased Wileyfox SIM-free smartphones at a discount in exchange for having adverts on lock screens.

Add-X is a software developed by the British manufacturer, offered across its range.

Wileyfox smartphones with Add-X pre-installed can get from retail partners: Amazon UK, Carphone Warehouse, eBay and

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Consumers can save up to 42 percent across the Wileyfox range. Consumers will see a quick special promotion on lock screens which can be dismissed quickly, no timed adverts will be displayed on Add-X Wileyfox devices.

The advert associate consists pizza chain Domino’s and multimedia entertainment firm Ministry of Sound Group, among others.

Michael Coombes, Wileyfox CEO stated, “At Wileyfox we’re committed to shaking up the competition again, to give our customers the best smartphone for their budget. And with Add-X we’re smashing expectations at an even higher level reducing the costs across our range upfront, while also giving the consumer even more, ways to be “wiley”.

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Shocking super cheap smartphone

Still searching for a super cheap smartphone? This is the perfect but with the price that knocks down all Shocking super cheap smartphonecheap smartphones is it worth your money? Angus Gratton a systems developer made a trip to China where the super cheap smartphone are selling that packed with 8 cores, Android 4.4 and 4G connectivity. Soon after working the Huami H3 through its programs, the system developer found that none of the above was legitimate; however with regard to the price you might be amazed what’s inside of the Huami H3.

Huami H3 software runs like super snail mail slow maybe this will be the major consumer complaints of the handset, also when scrolling down a list in the option leads to skips and display stops. Nevertheless, considering the handset is running Android 4.0.3 along with 200MB RAM its quite well. Angus Gratton mentioned “I’m amazed Android 4 is even halfway usable with such meagre RAM, given how terrible recent cheap smartphones with 512MB of RAM are!”

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Three budget smartphones that will satisfies your demand

Ever since the mobile phone was invented, phone companies never stop developing phone with great features together with its price. Since many consumers demand a budget smartphones some handset make it on top 3 lists.

The top 3 budget smartphones

Xiaomi Redmi 2

This Xiaomi Redmi 2 is actually the successor of the first generation of Chinese smartphone creator Xiaomi Redmi 1S. With a 4.7inch HD display plus the 8GB internal storage. At the back you can see the 8MP camera with whistles and bells like 5 elements that you can record an effortless full HD.  This Redmi 2 runs with the latest version of MiUI, highly customized type of Android 4.4 Kitkat.  This handset is still claiming cheapest smartphone around the world.

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New android phones launch under Rs. 3,000

Last year until today affordable smartphone competitions are still on the battle. Lining up from big phone cellular country complaintsmanufactures into local producers.  Many consumers are happy because of this cheap smartphones at available in the market but some are made complaints – cellular country complaints, when buying low end smartphone don’t expect great features, that’s the real deal.

Anyway, the Datawind the manufacturer behind the Aakash Tablet will soon release its own variety of smartphones pricing below Rs. 3,000.  The selection consists of 3G smartphones which is a bit pricey then the 2G version in the same series.
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How To Buy Cheap Mobile Phone for Christmas Gift?

Christmas is coming Advance Merry Christmas to all :)! – do you have your checklists for Christmas Gifts? If you’re going to ask  Cheap Mobile Phonesme yes! I already wrote it what I’m going to give them as presents. Some people wondering what they should buy, as cheap as possible yet very worth for them – many bazaar are open, sale everywhere but by following trend it’s great to give gadgets – A Smartphone! If you are wise like me you will pick cheap mobile phones and if you are a big time well I guess you will not going to finish reading my article. Because this article is basically giving tip where to buy cheap mobile phones as gift this coming Christmas Season.

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Affordable Mobile Phones Alternatives

That old indisputable fact that cell phones are basically luxurious toys has become ignored through the growing need for this. Cell phones  sony mobilesnow grew to become a really essential tool for everybody including parents who wish to know where their children take prescription a genuine time basis. Business professionals conduct business better having a mulch-functional mobile phone. Every teen need cell phones. The days are gone when cell phones are toys to demonstrate; now cell phones evolve to become a necessity. Thus, cell phones of numerous models and fashions now to the marketplace. You will find individuals cell phones that may perform a variety of functions but you will find also individuals fundamental telephones which come in cheap.

Due to this excellent need and wish for cell phones, producers to the marketplace from cheap cell phones to high-tech cell phones. If you’re certainly one of individuals who’re lucky which you really can afford high-tech cell phones, then that’s healthy for you, however, if you would like or require a mobile phone but can’t afford high-tech cell phones, you might get a cheap mobile phone. Knowing the thing you need and just how you really need it will let you look for a mobile phone with reasonable and helpful features. If you’re to purchase an inexpensive mobile phone, you shouldn’t expect it to do tasks a hi-tech mobile phone can provide. Basically having the ability to send and receive calls might be enough that you should expect out of your cheap mobile phone. Since you can’t afford our prime definition performance of hi-tech mobile phone, getting reasonable expectation will let you avoid tossing your mobile phone from your window, although not Cellular Country, because cellular country sells used cell phone as well as in good, excellent conditions Continue reading “Affordable Mobile Phones Alternatives”