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Nokia feature phones launched: Nokia 222 and Nokia 222 Dual SIM

Microsoft has unveiled their new budget friendly Nokia 222 and Nokia 222 Dual SIM. nokia_222

This devices will be available in selected markets beginning September and price starts at $37 before local taxes. This Nokia 222 is actually the successor to the Nokia 220 that launched a year ago.

The Nokia 222 and Nokia 222 Dual SIM comes with the same set of specs besides that the latter supports dual SIM feature. Also feature in both device is the Micro-SIM slot and run with Nokia Series 30+ operating system.

Microsoft boasts the new Nokia 222 and Dual SIM with FM radio playback up to 45 hours and MP3 playback up to 50 hours. some of pre installed applications include GroupMe by Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger. This handsets are both Slam technology, meaning it allows sending and receiving data with another Slam-Enable devices. Both has a flashlight feature. Furthermore, the Nokia 222 Continue reading “Nokia feature phones launched: Nokia 222 and Nokia 222 Dual SIM”

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The Most Affordable Octa-Core Smartphone

cellular country complaintsAlmost all of us dreaming to have  a fast Smartphone. Octa-Core Smartphones is the answer! You can open multiple applications with no long wait.  Actually this is the first Octa-Core device that are selling tin the market with a very affordable priced this device value is less thanRs10,000 or 166 US Dollar.

Behind of this is WickedLeak also known for making a product cheaper than the other brands, and today they done it again with its Wammy Neo Youth Smartphone comes with a super speed 8 core processor at the price of more or less 140USD or Rs 8,450. With this price the firm manages a quite jabs with the Wammy Neo Youth which looks like extraordinary.

This Octa-Core Wammy Neo Youth comes with a 5inch HD display packs the 1.7Ghz Octa-Core Processor from Mediatek that comes in Micromax Canvas Continue reading “The Most Affordable Octa-Core Smartphone”

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Caution over low cost cell phone charger

Safety professionals are alert individuals not to purchase low cost charger with regards to their cell phones, laptops, tablets and Cellular Country Complaintsother electronic device that needs a charger.

Low cost substitute charger frequently looks exact the same as the authentic ones. Yet may set fire mainly because they are not wired correctly.

Chargers purchase in websites is typically much less expensive than their own brand ones but there is no assurance they meet the United Kingdom safety requirements.

For other purchasing and complaints online you my check here.

Emma Apta via Electric Safety First shared with the BBC that much more artificial charger will be on its way into the nation.

Here some tips how to tell if the charger is fake: Continue reading “Caution over low cost cell phone charger”

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Nokia 220, Asha 230 Cell phone Launched

Nokia broadcast 3 Android Smartphone X, X+ and the XL. Nokia which usually offers introduced 3 android in these days from Nokia 220, Asha 230 Cell phone Launchedthe cell phone world Congress held in Barcelona, has also declared a couple of brand new mobile phone handset the Nokia 220 and Nokia Asha 230.

The Nokia 220 is actually a great entry stage mobile phone however provides online access. It is valued at €29 merely or even Rs 2500. This comes pre-loaded along with Facebook and twitter right away of the package. In addition, it offers MP3 player, video player as well as radio but need headset serves as antenna, and six game loft games like the Assassins Creed, Adrenaline, Asphalt 6, Block Breaker 3, Combat 2 and the Brain Challenge 3.

Nokia 220 dual SIM provides a 2.4 inch display, The 2 megapixel back camera, and the 32gigabye micro SD card assistance.

Connectivity smart, the dual sim Nokia 220 provides the micro USB interface for date exchange as well as charging, and Bluetooth 2, 1 along with Nokia Slam; the function that enables you to discuss multimedia content like pictures as well as videos along with neighborhood buddies, wireless, and pretty much instantly.  It provides 13 hours talk time,
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Motorola Moto G Cheap As….

In case you just missed The Motorola Moto G first released in United Kingdom the Motorola Moto G, Great with its 720p screen Motorola Moto Gand stable snapdragon 400 processor. Moto G essay deep specs than any other large names of cellular phone selling under £140.

Motorola Moto G is plastic phone with round black that cares more abou the feeling of the hand of users, extremely light with the weight of 143g and thickness of 11.6mm its much heavier than most phones with identical specs. The back is silky and comfy as the 4.5 inch screen smaller than high specs android phones – Moto G can use one handed, also Moto G can replace or change the backs, there are 19 available colors and design coming out in three main types.

Bundled as standard, with chubby sides and slight projection of around a mm in front of the screen to ensures the glass front of the screen does not take a brunt with a drop impact. Moto G used the telephone using the standard black plastic back, and there’s fortunately no hint the back is intended to be switched.

Probably the most notable reasons for the look is one thing which has no function whatsoever. The Motorola logo design sits on the rear of the phone sits inside a concave indent that simply wills you to definitely stroke the thing’s back as though it’s a miaow’ing pet.
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Extras For Mobile Phone Guard

There are lots of mobile phones available in the market today, new brand to enter into the market mobile guardsevery now  and then, Many people started to modify their mobile phones into useful device by adding new accessories to  them. These accessories work three main tasks, utility value of the mobile phone, enhancing its looks and  providing safety.

When it comes to providing safety, it can be safety of the user of safety of the mobile phone, there are accessories to address both types of safety concerns, Now we shall look at the safety of your mobile phone  and how it can be taken care of. Lots of brands of mobile phone available in the market today, some are designed and use to deal with wear and  tear of regular use, some are not. Mobile phones have a change of getting scratch or damage and may stop functioning if they are not keep safe safely. Its true because mobile phones are delicate.

Taking care of your mobile phone is very important because by right maintenance of your mobile  phone it will look new for a longer time and their function will also remain accurate. Continue reading “Extras For Mobile Phone Guard”


What are the 5 Best Features before buying Mobile Phones?

Today Mobile phones are powerful featured packed devices, also become smaller  that you can accidentally slip it Best Mobile Featuresinto your pocket or even in your bag.

Long ago, Mobile phone only used for making calls, today – manufacturers competing to launch great feature in each Mobile phones. Below are some basic lists  of cool features that available on market today.

Cameras: There are 2 types of cameras available on mobile phones, the VGA and the Digital  Camera. Camera Mobile Tech come so far that people can now make mobile filming just using there phones. Phone with cameras offer cool way snap shoot and videos. You can even transfer the videos and images to your personal computer.

Music: Music lover like me is very great advantage when picking mobile phone, with the latest mobile phones now you can listen your favorite music and radio station, most of the music formats are MP3 and wav files.
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