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Nokia 1 as Part of Android Go program

Google’s Android Go will be arriving this coming March in the markets where people barely afford a Nokia 3budget-friendly smartphone. Android Go is supposed to take place where network coverage is scarce and mobile data is expensive.

Many smartphone companies assured to support Google’s initiative to release a lightweight version of its Android operating system, including Finnish company HMD Global.

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The Nokia 1 will be part of the Android Go program, which means it will be available in emerging markets first and foremost.

Running a light version of Android Oreo, Nokia 1 will pack 1GB RAM and 8GB with expandable storage. A 720p display is perfect considering this is an entry-level smartphone.

Expect the debut of Nokia 1 in various markets including Russia in March that cost cheap as ā‚¬80. Nokia 1 won’t be the only Android Go device to go official next year; Huawei is working on a similar cheap smartphone as well, but details are limited at the moment.

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