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Samsung will launch 128GB of Galaxy Note 7

Samsung company has decided to release its flagship Galaxy Note 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 7with 128GB internal storage only in China as part of initiatives to strengthen sales of its handset in the world biggest smartphone sector. It is the very first time for South Korea’s phone tycoon to release newest high-grade smartphone with such large size storage.

Head of the Tech giant, Koh Dong-jin said, “Chinese companies are aggressive in marketing with high memory storage and we are considering launching a 128GB version of the Galaxy Note 7 in China.”

China is the world biggest smartphone market with 3 out of 10 smartphones in the world marketed in China. Yet Samsung Electronics and Apple are fighting in the market in the encounter of solid competitors the local rival like Huawei, Vivo, OPPO and Xiaomi. The choice to launch the 128GB version displays Samsung formidable will to win back hearts of Chinese buyers. Local companies have been aggressive produces since Meizu unveiled the first 128GB model in 2013. There are complaints blast over the internet about this device, however cellular country complaints made some interesting ideas.

Expectations run high for the Galaxy Note as its past versions were highly preferred in China. The Galaxy Note 7 features a dust and waterproof S-Pen and provides an enhanced sense of handwriting. It also comes with iris scanner that is likely to enable more secure mobile financial trades.


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