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Shocking super cheap smartphone

Still searching for a super cheap smartphone? This is the perfect but with the price that knocks down all Shocking super cheap smartphonecheap smartphones is it worth your money? Angus Gratton a systems developer made a trip to China where the super cheap smartphone are selling that packed with 8 cores, Android 4.4 and 4G connectivity. Soon after working the Huami H3 through its programs, the system developer found that none of the above was legitimate; however with regard to the price you might be amazed what’s inside of the Huami H3.

Huami H3 software runs like super snail mail slow maybe this will be the major consumer complaints of the handset, also when scrolling down a list in the option leads to skips and display stops. Nevertheless, considering the handset is running Android 4.0.3 along with 200MB RAM its quite well. Angus Gratton mentioned “I’m amazed Android 4 is even halfway usable with such meagre RAM, given how terrible recent cheap smartphones with 512MB of RAM are!”

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After rooting about the software, Angus found that few of the original statements are wrong. Not just the faster processor with 8 cores, but the internal storage is false, only 1.2GB rather of the expected 4GB and the android Kitkat as OS were all literally modified from their original build of Ice cream Sandwich OS. The most fascinating revelation is that none of the parts are come from used mobile phones, all brand new from chips, transceivers and other tech parts.

For the price of $34 its pretty remarkable Gratton writes. H3 supports the concept of OEM’s can make unbelievably cheap, carrier free handset that work fairly well.

Obviously the price is very tempting, it’s good to use as a backup phone just in case your main phone malfunction. Funny thing  if you notice the name Huami its like the combination of Huawei and Xiaomi.


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