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New android phones launch under Rs. 3,000

Last year until today affordable smartphone competitions are still on the battle. Lining up from big phone cellular country complaintsmanufactures into local producers.  Many consumers are happy because of this cheap smartphones at available in the market but some are made complaints – cellular country complaints, when buying low end smartphone don’t expect great features, that’s the real deal.

Anyway, the Datawind the manufacturer behind the Aakash Tablet will soon release its own variety of smartphones pricing below Rs. 3,000.  The selection consists of 3G smartphones which is a bit pricey then the 2G version in the same series.

The batch of 3G smartphones comes with a 4inch touch screen and powered by 1.2GHz processor, and this smartphone will be an Android KitKat.

The less expensive smartphones are most probably come with 2G. Datawind will be providing features like free internet for 1 year to its users. This feature is probable due to Datawind’s excellent potential to reduce data.

Datawind CEO Suneet Singh Tuli is focusing the cheapest as possible cost for smartphones and according to him, they will provide a very cheap alternative smartphones in the future.

Suneet furthermore discussed that 65% of the handset distributed in India are under Rs. 4,000 and to create an effect with the entry level industry the free internet, Android powered handsets has to be charged under that amount.


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